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Leisure Controls International

Meet The Team

John Brooks

John Brooks is a qualified Accountant and was a director of a public company for a number of years until 1982 when he left to run his own businesses. After running and selling on two companies, in 1987 John purchased Alberice Meters Ltd based in Poole, a manufacturer of electro mechanical coin operated meters and timers. Throughout the next few years the product range was updated to incorporate solid state electronics which made the products much more competitive with the result that in 1999 an offer was received and accepted for the TV meter operation of the Company.

Subsequently, the name of the Company was changed to Leisure Control Systems Ltd and in 2004 this Company merged with Wyvern Innleisure of Blandford. John is Chairman of the new company keeping an eye in particular on the financial and commercial aspects of the business whilst his fellow Director, Laurie Fairhurst, runs the day to day operation. John only spends half his time at LCI as he is involved with other Companies in addition to spending several weeks a year at his apartment in France!

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Laurie Fairhurst

Laurie Fairhurst is a member of The Institute of Engineering and Technology and a Chartered Engineer. He graduated in Electrical Engineering and his first job, with the CNC division of The Plessey Company, was designing controls for machine tools. He moved within Plessey to the marine division and eventually left to become technical manager of Cetrek Ltd, a leading manufacturer of autopilots for leisure craft.

In 1980 Laurie established Wyvern Designs to design and manufacture products for the leisure industry. The first product was the Wyvern Timer, still in production today, but with the purchase of Innleisure Products the company became fully focussed on timing controls and the name changed to Wyvern Innleisure Ltd.

Following the merger with LCS Ltd Laurie is responsible for the day to day running of the business with emphasis on new product design, production and quality.

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Sales Manager
Pauline Davis

Pauline has been working for LCI since 1998.

Pauline Davis is a true country girl having been brought up on her father’s farm and married to a farmer. Pauline has two grown up daughters and with her husband and three dogs spends much of her free time training dogs for agility competitions.

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Accounts Manager
Margaret Ballinger (known as Maggie)

Maggie joined LCI in 2014.

Maggie is in charge of accounts & payroll and works closely with Pauline and Monika, and is a qualified Book-Keeper. In her spare time, she loves skiing, horse riding and socialising.

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Technical Manager
Chris Yard

Chris has been working for LCI since 2001.

Chris started in the company as a Printed Circuit Board assembler, then moved into production. During his time in production Chris learnt how to build and test all of our products, he also gained a NVQ 2 in electronics.

When Wyvern & LCS merged in 2004 Chris took on the role of Technical Manager, where he now tests all new products and helps Monika Servanská with any repairs and technical advice.

During Chris's free time he enjoys taking his dog for a walk, which normally ends up in the pub. He also enjoys playing games with his three children.

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Purchasing/Technical Assistant
Monika Servanská

Monika has been working for LCI since 2005.

Monika was born in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. After she finished college in 2004 she moved to England and joined the LCI team a year later. During the first two years she moved between different production areas and learnt about our products.

In November 2007 she took an opportunity and became a Technical Assistant. Monika’s job is dealing with all returns and repairs, as well as helping Chris answering technical calls.

In her spare time she likes watching movies, going to cinema, dancing and roller-skating.

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Production Supervisor
Sally Crabb

Sally has been working for LCI since 1998.

Sally joined LCI in 1998 part time on the production line. As her children grew up she became full time and was promoted to supervisor in 2006. In her spare time she enjoys walking the family dogs, cycling and collecting old vinyl records as well as helping her husband restore juke boxes.

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