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In contrast with a reasonably buoyant 2010 the current year has proved to be a lot more difficult for LCI and many of its customers.

Against this background it is even more important than ever that LCI provides its customers with top class products and service and this has been established as the Company’s primary objective for the foreseeable future.

Product Upgrades

The power sensing LT3500 meter has undergone a major improvement programme whereby on installation the meter can detect the power being drawn by the equipment being controlled in both standby and full operation modes. This ensures that the meter only counts down when the equipment is in full operation.

This facility means that the LT3500 can be used for a variety of applications which are covered later in the Newsletter.

With the ever increasing improvement in shower design many of the latest models are drawing up to 40amp power usage and it is for this reason that LCI has launched a 9kva Shower Timer in addition to the standard 7kva Timer. When ordering Shower Timers don’t forget to give the sales staff details of the shower you wish to control in order that they can ensure the correct meter is specified.

PCB Department Expansion

In order to further protect the quality of its products, LCI has recently expanded the PCB Department in order to bring in house the production of nearly all its full range of power supply boards.

Production Manager Sally Crabbe is delighted with the decision stating that she now has more control over quality in addition to giving more flexibility to production.

Video tutorials

In a further move to continually improve the service provided to customers LCI has launched a range of Video Tutorials

The videos give a pictorial presentation of resetting the credit allowed time on the ET and LT meters as well as the changing of a number of settings on the Wyvern 2000 meter.

This facility enables customers to reset meters 24/7 by logging onto the Support field on the LCI website. However, if required, the Technical Support team will still be available to assist customers with resetting queries during normal working hours.

Various Applications for LT3500 Meter

The introduction of enhanced software which enables the LT3500 to identify the current being drawn by the equipment being controlled in both standby and full operation modes has resulted in an increase in the number of applications for the meter:

Inverter air conditioning equipment - whereby the meter will not count down in standby mode even if the equipment is drawing a small amount of current.

Televisions - The TV can now be put into standby without the meter counting down.

Heating - this will now ensure that customers are only charged when the heater is blowing hot air.

Staff News

Monika from Purchasing recently got married in her home country of Slovakia and she very kindly asked Laurie our Managing Director to the ceremony and celebrations which traditionally are long and bountiful.

On his return Laurie was asked by the staff how things went, to which he replied that from what he could remember, which wasn’t very much, it all went wonderfully well – but unlike the UK the Bride and Groom arrived at the church together arm in arm and not separately!

Much more information was later gleaned from Monika who brought back lots of photos.

Your Feedback

Please give us feedback in particular any information which can help us improve our products and services.

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