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Shower Timer

Shower Timer This range of coin operated equipment has been designed to provide a low cost competitive priced timer for controlling showers, washing machines, tumble dryers and spin dryers and other low value applications. The timers operate by switching a solenoid valve, an instantaneous shower, or other equipment on a one coin/one operation basis. The mechanical coin acceptor is of the non-reject type so that smaller, incorrect coins fall into the cash box but do not start a timing period and acceptable coinage is restricted to low value coins, mainly UK and Euro.

Power consumption of the timer is approximately 10W (at 230V AC). Loads of up to 7kVA (30A resistive) can be switched directly by the timer.

A Price Change option is available as an optional extra which allows the number of coins required to start the timer to be adjusted from 1 up to 15.

An Accumulative option gives the user greater flexibility with each coin inserted incrementing the time by the time set for the coin instead of restarting the time period.

£104.00 (exc.VAT) 
£124.80 (inc.VAT)

Technical Information
Fuses: Fused externally 13A
Colour: White epoxy polyester powder case.
Time Intervals: 1 to 63 Minutes, in 1 minute increments
Display: N/A
Coin: 10p, 20p, 50p, token, €0.20, €0.50, €1, Pushbutton
Dimensions: H: 250mm W: 145mm D: 110mm
Weight: 4kgm
Case: 18swg mild steel
Lock: Radial 8 pin with two keys
Cash Box Capacity: 150 coins of 23mm diameter x 2.5mm thick

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