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Wyvern 2000R + PC

Wyvern 2000R + PC The Wyvern 2000PC Timer offers all the extensive features of the Wyvern 2000R but is fitted with a computer interface. This allows computer programs to be written to control items such as printers in libraries or for use in internet cafes. The electronic coin acceptor recognises up to six different coins of most currencies and of course tokens. Peak and off-peak timing cycles are available as a standard feature and an auxiliary output is provided with a programmable run-on time. Both switched outputs are voltage free; this means the Wyvern 2000PC can be used to switch a load operating from any voltage, not just mains operated equipment.

Power consumption of the timer is approximately 10W (at 230V AC). Loads of up to 1kVA (3A resistive) can be switched directly by the timer, which is typically five 100W incandescent or two 100W fluorescent lamps. Adding the 7kVA option increases the capacity up to a maximum of 7kVA (30A resistive), which is typically one 7kW shower or 12 fluorescent lamps.

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£278.00 (exc.VAT) 
£333.60 (inc.VAT)

Technical Information
Fuses: Type T HBC 250V breaking capacity, 20 x 5mm
FS1 500mA; FS2 & FS3 3.15A
Colour: White epoxy polyester powder case, blue moulded fascia
Time Intervals: Programmable minutes & seconds or hours & minutes (99.99 Max)
Display: 0.6 inch high green LED
Coin: User programmable
Dimensions: H: 275mm W: 204mm D: 90mm
Weight: 3.7kgm
Case: 18swg mild steel
Lock: Radial 8 pin with two keys
Cash Box Capacity: 400 coins of 23mm diameter x 2.5mm thick

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