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New £1 Coin

New £1 Coin

The Royal Mint will be introducing a new £1.00 coin into circulation in March 2017. There will be a six month period when the existing £1.00 and the new £1.00 coin will co-circulate.

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Updated: 21/03/2017

Welcome to our Technical Support Page.

Here at Leisure Controls International (LCI) we are always looking at ways we can help you with any problems you may encounter with our coin operated meters and token operated timers.

Phone the Technical TeamTechnical Manuals
  Download our product manuals covering installation, operation and programming of
  coin meters, token timers, reception controls and smart card meters.

Video TutorialsVideo Tutorials
  A range of tutorials demonstrating how easy it is to programme our range of coin
  operated timers and token operated meters.

  Details of our warranty policy on our range of coin meters, hairdryers and other

  Get Help with ordering parts for all our products including hairdryers, coin operated
  timers, token operated meters, smart card timers and reception controllers

  Advice on fault finding and how to obtain an ID number in the event that a product
  needs to be returned to the factory for repair.

Phone the Technical TeamYou can phone our technical team on +44 (0) 1258 483574

Email the Technical TeamYou can E-Mail our technical team
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